Your project should adequately explain the topic; though your audience is familiar with the overall concepts, do not assume they know what you know.


Your collaboration on this project should be open and apparent.
  • This means the majority of your communication should be through the Wiki and/or the Discussion tab
    • Utilize emails that cc myself as needed, but not as the primary medium. (If you do use email, make sure to include appropriate detail in the Subject line for everyone to know the point of the message.)
  • When posting to the discussion
    • If you are replying to an existing post, address the specific post
    • If you are needing to write something unrelated to an existing post, write and post a new one
  • You may also utilize links to Diigo or Delicious bookmark libraries to "show" shared research processes.


Your project should be original and interesting.

Technical Aspects

Your project must include text, images, sounds, videos, and hyperlinks. It should be more than just text and images. It should be interactive, dynamic, creative.

Grammar & Spelling

Proper use of grammar and spelling are required.


See "Resources & Help"


Specific requirements and points available.